53. Swamp visit

I started the day off with a 3.35km (just under 2.1miles) walk around the complex at a reasonable pace.  I had company today which made it a nice change.  Going fast was a goal and I didn’t quite achieve that however my husband and I have some interesting and useful chats as we are walking so positives came from the slightly slower pace we set.  After our walk, we headed up to the local swamp environment centre to do more walking on shaded boardwalks around the swamp.

The swamp was a basin swamp and my geographer’s brain translates this to a swamp that is in a blocked toilet bowl.  I love the analogy and I have to thank an old Geography teacher (ironically she was from the USA) who used to say “Brisbane is like a toilet bowl”.  Admittedly she wasn’t talking about the water flow but I can adapt 😊.  There was plenty of water thanks to a week of daily rain and plenty of wildlife.  Unfortunately, a random 4-year-old child was more observant than we were so we didn’t see much and when I booked, I rather thought the swamp may have had alligators – newbie mistake.  The walk was pleasant, the locals (human) friendly and I did see an alligator as the centre rescues animals that have been surrendered from captivity.  I have no idea of the timings or anything from that walk because I forgot to turn the fitness tracker on. 

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