55. Back at it

I decided that I would walk at least 4km (roughly 2.5 miles) around the complex today.  The actual target would be to walk for an hour, however, storms were predicted and the weather didn’t look so great for staying rain-free. Consequently, I had 2 potential goals today – the 2.5 miles or the 1 hour of walking. I started at a reasonable pace.  It was pretty humid (83%) and whilst the temperature was pleasant the humidity makes everything feel worse.  My attitude wasn’t so crash hot once I stepped outside.

I stopped and asked a dog walker about the local wildlife, she couldn’t tell me much about the geese that I didn’t already know.  She did however tell me the story about this duck.  I haven’t been able to locate the species of duck and the duck never seems to do much more than sleep or swim.  She is only ever around the one pond – it is the nicest pond, the duck has taste.  Anyway, the dog walker told me the duck appeared about 4 years ago with a dark male duck.  She thinks they were pets that someone dumped at the complex after clipping their wings.  The dark duck died and this duck – once healthy (and it still seems it to me) has more and more little niggling injuries like a wonky leg. 

It was an interesting chat but did slow my speed for my first kilometre down a lot.  I picked up the pace and walked out to the highway, along the outside of the fences, around lakes and looked at my phone.  At some point, the app had gone onto a new page and stopped tracking.  I started it up again, annoyed, picked up my pace again and kept pounding the pavement, trying to get to my 4km goal.  The app did the same thing again.  Although I did realise that I had walked for an hour.  Thus I have no idea of the distance and only a vague idea of my fastest time.  The slowest time I can confirm was my first kilometre (because this is when I stopped and had my chat).  Next time I am going to incorporate something along the lines of HIITs so that I can get the blood pumping through my brain. No point being active at 90 if I can’t remember how to kayak 😊.

Fastest Split (recorded):  12:08 min/km

Slowest split: 14:38 mins/km

One Comment on “55. Back at it

  1. Have you considered getting a clip-on pedometer or a Fitbit? I’ve used both in the past and found them pretty reliable at tracking steps, etc. And Fitbit gives you various “rewards” when you achieve specific goals (it also tracks sleep patterns, which I found really interesting). The lower-end models aren’t terribly expensive AND you can buy a whole range of cool straps on Amazon to colour-coordinate them with your clothing. I found it quite motivating (mine died after about 5 years and I haven’t replaced it because it did its job – showing me how my habits impacted my fitness goals).


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