56. Furniture day

I purposely did not go for a morning walk.  Our table and chairs were arriving sometime today and I decided that I would be at home all day.  This didn’t work out well for me exercise wise.  We had a mother of a storm last night.  I assume I was woken by the thunder above the house but it was so loud I jumped whilst asleep, woke up in the air, and managed to land about 40cm down the mattress.  Last night I was very glad my husband rented an apartment with a garage – at least I didn’t have to worry about the car and potential hail damage.

I struggled to get back to sleep after that.  In Australia, I’d hear the rain and know how heavy it was.  Over here, there must be much better insulation because I can only hear the rain when it drums on the windows.  Turns out we had close to 13 inches and plenty of flash flooding whilst I was trying to settle back down to sleep.  Probably something to do with the tornado warnings we’d had.  This Aussie is just not used to things like tornado warnings.  Flooding – I’m good with, we had lots of that in our backyard.

For penance, I did a decent job on cleaning the house, stretching, lifting, squats etc.  I also did plenty of crunches whilst I was lying on the carpet watching television and several push-ups throughout the day in sets of 10.  It was a little bit of a mix of activity and by the time I rang the furniture people to find out where they were it was too late in the day, they were flooded out of their business or just too busy to answer their phone. Next time I should just go for my walk.

Thus my day at home was effectively an unplanned rest day.

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