57. Just Dance

The day started somewhat drier than it’s been.  So we started with a relatively short amble around the complex.  We did just over a mile but we weren’t going so fast as we were checking the flood levels on the lakes.  I think my husband did well to get to work yesterday.  My other companion promised me we would do “Just Dance” in the afternoon because she refused the walk.

I was pleasantly surprised that she informed me around 5 pm that it was time to do “Just Dance”.  Now given we don’t have a Play Station anymore I wasn’t sure how Just Dance was going to work.  Turns out you can YouTube other people’s versions of Just Dance.  I never knew that.

Thus we Just Danced for 30 minutes.  It was heart pumping and I was uncoordinated.  Guess I can only improve from here.

My food intake went better today.  I seem to have gotten over craving everything sweet.  Not sure why that started but for about a week, I only wanted sweet foods.  It’s a bit of a hard craving to satisfy when there isn’t much sweet food in the house – I did admit to raiding the Australian stash one evening.  My problem is that I looked in the mirror the other day and could see I had lost weight.  Thus I decided I didn’t need to watch what I ate.  I know it sounds crazy but every time I think I am losing weight I seem to sabotage it by eating junk – “obviously I am eating fewer calories so I can eat more and still lose weight”  That’s what my brain seems to say.  See being stuck at home without the ability to easily get bakery items and junk food is an advantage.

Anyway, today was a good day with 2 exercise sessions and some random push-ups and squats.  The Dance counted for getting my heart rate up and blood pumping through my brain.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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