58 Arm work out

The day started slow.  For the first time in ages, I did not think of exercising when I woke up.  I thought of the massive headache I had for no apparent reason.  I took pain relief and went back to bed, only stirring when I realised that the food was running low and today was the day we had to do grocery shopping.  Sometimes only having one car is the pits. 

After putting away the groceries and eating a keto breakfast I discovered that they weren’t delivering our furniture today either because of the rain.  I went back to bed with my headache and went to sleep.  I felt no better when I woke up an hour later but I did use a gap in the rain to go up to the mailbox and get the mail (the mailbox is about 100 metres up the road).  It started to rain on the way back.  After that and some craft, I felt much better but didn’t push anything.

Until I just got sick of sitting around on a camping chair (no furniture yet – it’s still coming). As my companions were using the TV I decided to run up the stairs.  I managed 6 times this time until the youngest housemate dragged us off for a session of Just Dance.  She tried to say we’d do 10 songs.  I barely managed 5 yesterday and I hadn’t run up the stairs beforehand.  I talked her down to six but honestly by the end of the second song I was done for. Who knew that dancing used your arms so much.  The dances were intense and I was exhausted so I called it quits.  Which annoyed me but perhaps given how badly the day started for me a short, sharp, heart pumping, lung burning session may be just as beneficial.  I wanted to go for a walk but the weather is such that there is no warning on downpours.  Hopefully, it will clear by tomorrow and I can do a walk and a Youtube workout.  Only time will tell – I guess.

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