60. Bad Mental health day

Today did not start out too well.  I made the mistake of starting to read first up in the morning.  Historically this triggers a day of reading and doing nothing much.  I finished the book and decided it was too late to walk and that I would go up to the gym after I checked emails.  I got all dressed and ready to go – then sat down to check emails.

Yeah – The Australian company I emailed the day before got back to me – I can totally freelance write articles for them from here.  I just need an ABN (Australian Business Number).  Not an issue; I’ve had one of them before.  Thus I started applying for one and thought – I wonder if I can do that whilst waiting for my EAD (Employment Authorisation Declaration – or something similar).  Investigating that was the wrong move for my day.  The short answer was no.  There went my mental health for the day.

I wallowed around in self-pity.  Decided to get over me and headed out for a walk.  Too hot, too humid, I made 1 km thinking that I had been walking really fast in my anger.  The time was 14mins and 15 seconds.  I didn’t even stop to talk or take photos!!! 

I made cookie dough just so I could eat it – not good for the waistline. Fortunately, I saw the light before I overate it and turned the dough into cookies (which I didn’t eat because of the cookie dough I ate – small blessings 😊).  I ran up the stairs five times because of the cookie dough and then crafted – because doing any type of craft is always good for my mental health.

By the end of the day, I managed over a hundred crunches (not at the one time!). Also, bicycle crunches (somewhere over 60, I forgot to count the sets) and leg raises (not too many of them because I hate them).    I love how my brain works sometimes.  I was lying on the ground, and my brain just decided to do some exercises whilst watching TV.  Not bad for a brain that was rather annoyed with the seeming unfairness of doing things the legal way.

If this is what mildly bad days turn out to be in the future, I am good with that 😊.

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