61. Pounding it out again

Wow, I got up (even if I finished a novella first) and went for a walk.  I tried yesterday, but it was too hot in the middle of the day to walk. So today was much earlier with rising.  Surprisingly I kept my pace up for the entire walk, and I was ever so pleased with my timings even if I stopped to take photos of some flowers (they really do grow them well in spring in Louisiana).  I also stopped for a chat to a white and grey fluff ball of a dog named Cajun.

I think the dog was miss named.  Cajun is an amiable dog.  I was expecting –  for a beast named Cajun – a big, beefy, don’t mess with me, type beast.  This Cajun was happy to have a pat and try to kill me with dog kisses.

The walk gave me time to suss out some of the plots for my current writing.  I am very good at starting stories, but I often forget to bring in some conflict at a personal level for my characters.  This story has it, and the walk was good for thinking about it.  Now, of course, I have to write down up to the point my brain is.  Often the story gets so far ahead in my brain, it never makes it down to the page. 

The walk was good for my confidence after yesterdays eat cookie dough kinda day.  I need to take the opportunity that the US government has granted and continue to concentrate on me for the next however long the EAD takes.  I am so good at getting busy that life gets in the road of everything.

Today’s timings

Distance: 3.1km (just shy of 2 miles)

Fastest Pace: 11:27mins/km

Slowest Pace: 13:03mins/km

Super happy with these stats today 😊

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