62. Walking day

I started out the day with a walking companion, which was nice. But, to my surprise, he kept a much faster pace than I did, and I slowed him down. This is because I had a bad night the night before with something I ate.  I know this sounds like an excuse; however, I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and something I ate did not sit well.  Thus if I wanted to exercise, I was going to be going slow. 

Annoyingly the tracker also stopped at some point, which means I have no idea how far we actually walked.  I am guessing it would have been close to the 2-mile goal.  We both figured that this would be okay as we were planning to visit the Mall of Louisiana, reportedly 6 miles.  I don’t know how they worked out the 6-mile thing.  Yes, the mall was spread out, but realistically I don’t think we would have made anywhere close to 6 miles.  Maybe we didn’t find the whole mall.  We probably did close to a mile – I should have put my tracker on.

What I find quite humorous here in the USA is that I made the mistake of looking interested when someone shoved a sample beauty product my way.  I was summarily sat down and told that I had bags under my eyes and that this product would help.  I only had to use it for 2 and a half years and then no more.  The plant stem cells would do all the work.  Ummm – plant cells and animal cells are very different.  Yes, there are similarities; however, I am not sure a plant cell can change to an animal stem cell.  I could be wrong – I mean, I failed cell biology at university but…  Oh, and the results will be visible in 5 minutes.  Ah Ha – if results were that quick for anything, I wouldn’t have IBS anymore.  Also, there was the fact that the cream she applied under my eye was skin toned and lo and behold, the skin under my eye – after five minutes looked the exact shade of the cream that she used.  Go figure.

I have never understood why people believe these claims.  I have a fantastic friend; she dutifully applies creams and lotions onto her skin.  Yes, her skin is amazingly soft – but as long as I stay away from too much gluten, lactose, and other IBS triggers, my skin stays smooth too.  It was one of the first changes I noticed when I reduced my trigger foods. 

Fastest split : 13:03 Mins/km

Slowest split: 13:30 mins/km

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