63. Rest day

I accidentally fasted for 23 hours today.  I didn’t mean to; however, we’d had lunch out the day before.  Philly Cheese Steaks are damned nice. Unfortunately, the meal came as a combo, and a small soft drink in the USA is actually quite large.  Naturally, I confused the poor person taking the order by asking if she’d gotten the combo we’d ordered  – “Is there chips with that?”  They don’t call hot chips, chips in the USA.  I should have said “fries”.  Anyway, I enjoyed my lunch, but I still wasn’t hungry by dinner – no one in the house was, so we didn’t eat dinner.

The next day dawned, and we thought we’d drive up to the Farmer’s Market at Baton Rouge, do the shopping and then come home and have breakfast.  We went to look at furniture first, then did all of the above.  It was past midday before we got home – oops – no wonder why we were all snapping at each other in the car.

My exercise consisted of wandering furniture shops at a variety of speeds. There are some massive single shops here – much more extensive than Bunnings (an Australian hardware store with vast stores). Unfortunately, I was so proud of my long fast that when I broke it, I paid no attention to what I ate.  I felt quite proud of myself by dinner time.

Then it dawned on me.  The food intake after my fast consisted of dairy-free ice cream, marshmallows and white chocolate in quantities that really did mean I consumed a day’s worth of empty calories.  And I felt so impressed with the lamb burgers I made for dinner.  Opps.  Oh well, one day of forgetting to be cautious about what I eat won’t matter too much.😉

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