64 Dancing Day

I was planning to walk on the treadmill in the gym and do some weights, but I thought the whole thing sounded boring.  I had a long list of things to do. Completing a YouTube program would mean that I could tack the vacuuming (with the heavy machine) onto the end of my exercise program and increase the duration.  Thus I found a couple of dance exercise programs to do.

The first one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll-KteDdegs was pretty fun.  I got a bit of a shock when I started the program because the instructor was speaking French.  I almost gave up, however, I figured – what the hell, I want to learn French at some stage.  She was smiling and looked very fit and fun. I loved the program.  Her energy was amazing and despite the routines involving star jumps (yuk!) I stuck with the program.  I think I didn’t mind the star jumps because you only did a maximum of 4 at one time, and there weren’t many.  I looked like a beached whale attempting to get back into the surf, but no one was around, so there really wasn’t any reason to care.  Realistically you shouldn’t care anyway.  The most important thing is that exercise is good for you, and as long as you don’t preach that everyone should be doing it etc., who cares that I looked like a beached whale.

I found the language barrier relatively easy to deal with as I simply ignored what she was saying and focused on the doing.  Also, because it was dance, the moves were much more fluid and relatively easy to do.  I was surprised by this.  However, there were a few spots where my lower back said “Hello- I’m here”.  This is probably a good thing as I could feel it stretching.  I was a little disappointed when the program ended because it was only 25 minutes long.  I chose another dance program.

It was just as fun, although the instructor did not talk at all.  Oh boy, did my left arm feel this workout.  I think I gave this workout more effort.  Not sure why, maybe because I was desperate for it to be over.  Also, the first workout had definite pauses in intensity.  This one was dancing to music I knew and was pause free.  I still liked the program and my back feels absolutely great now – ready for a few hours of study and cooking a roast tonight with some of our seasonal produce from the farmer’s market.

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