65. Jogged outside today

I decided that it was a walk day today.  Last night was the first time I have felt a little cool in the apartment for a long while, and I wondered if it was because of not going outside (aside from picking up parcels from the front door).  I mean, I know I did a workout. Previously, I thought that my exercise is keeping me warmer, but I don’t know, and I have yet to refer to the world’s most extraordinary collection of thoughts – Google.  Thus I got all ready, checked emails and got excited because yet another package is coming today.  This one of cleaning stuff. 

I also looked for jobs.  This is pointless at the moment, and I tend to get a little down when I see some great opportunities, and I cannot apply for them.  It tends to make me a little down in the dumps.  I enjoy not working and setting my own routine, however, I also want to do something occasionally.  Anyway, off I went for my walk, feeling pretty chuffed that I didn’t forgo the walk, in place of griping to no one except my brain about my lack of an EAD (work permit).

I was surprised when I just started jogging.  It was not a fast jog yet over 500 meters (which is easily the longest I have jogged for years on pavement).  The jog felt a little awkward, and I tried to push the pace, but I couldn’t get much speed out of it.  My phone told me I jogged at just under 6km/hr (or 10mins/kilometer).  I held out as long as my lungs did and then tried to push the walking pace a little.  When my lungs recovered, my legs started jogging again.

I know that sounds like an odd description, but if my brain had had a say in it, I probably would have said, “Don’t be stupid; it’s getting bloody hot out here.” Fortunately, my legs overruled the rest of my body. The second jog wasn’t quite as long (maybe 400m); however, it was spot on the 6km/hr mark.  I am encouraged, and perhaps I will do another treadmill run tomorrow.  Historically, I can’t run on the treadmill and pavement so this may be the start of a very nice ability to do both.

My distance today was 2.5km (about 1.5 miles).

Fastest split: 11:25mins/km

Slowest split: 14.22 mins/km (I did stop to chat to a dog and her owner 😊)

2 Comments on “65. Jogged outside today

    • Thanks for the read. I think that when you move (and such a big one for me) you have already interrupted your habits so forming new ones is much easier.


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