66. Historical village today

Woke up and made the mistake of not getting up and going for exercise immediately.  We did decide to go to a historic village.  Vermillionville, in Lafayette, Louisiana.  I figured we’d probably do lots of walking around there.  That was my argument for not doing any exercise.

Turns out we walked 3 miles anyway. I know the time was slow, but you can’t go fast when learning all sorts of interesting facts of history.  My most intriguing fact was the Spanish moss used to be used as a stuffing in the walls of houses, seat paddings etc.  Very cool.  It is also black underneath the silver-grey.  The historical village gave a good overview of Louisianan history, where everyone came from and the architecture of everyday life.  There were meant to be people dressed up in period wear (my now – not so secret fantasy is to wear period costume in everyday life). Unfortunately, not many of them were around. 

After we worked up an appetite, we headed to Uncle T’s oyster bar.  Oh boy, it was good.  There I tried boudin (pronounced Boudan). I am going to have to learn how to make it.  I also tried the very dully named boiled shrimp (Prawns).  Boiled food, in general, inspires me to think of watery vegetables grown up.  I much prefer my veggies steamed, so I was nicely surprised at how great the prawns were.  The boiling made their shells very soft, and the water had been flavoured with cajun spices.  Very nice, very healthy – pity about the appetisers 😊.  Unfortunately for me, the USA does amazing onion rings. Oh, and as normal over here – we didn’t eat dinner because we were all nicely full from lunch.

All in all a slow exercise day that was worth it.

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