67. Organising the apartment

Today was a rest day.  Not because I planned it that way, and to be honest, I am a tad annoyed that I didn’t exercise.  However, I was also over not being able to make the foods I want.

I used to be mostly keto – for a variety of reasons not actually related to weight loss. However, since arriving in the USA, despite promises to myself that I will focus on my diet more, this has not eventuated.  Yes, fried onion rings do not help. However, I am not even cooking keto dinners nor having keto breakfasts.  I completely acknowledge that I have the skills and an acceptable kitchen for Keto cooking, yet I don’t have suitable appliances and storage for said appliances.

Meat is expensive over here.  Prices are on par with Australian prices; however, the income is lower.  Thus paying $20 for steak in the USA is the equivalent of a costly dinner back home.  We are learning how to shop cheaper, and I was very excited when I got a $5.00 coupon for a whole chook (Australian term for chicken).  I didn’t actually realise until I paid for it and the lady at the counter reduced the price.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the storage space to keep 5 chooks in the freezer. 

Thus, today we worked out what we would need to actually live more frugally and the lifestyle we want.  That took a bit of research into the equipment we would need (you know the drill – prices, value for money, reliability of brands).  Amazon must love us.  We did try to look at items; however, many of the things we wanted to buy were only available online.  Very annoying.  At least, now, I have a range of kitchen items coming that will make it much easier to get back into a healthier diet. For example, I will be able to make lactose free yogurt.  Currently, our only reliable supply of this is a 30-minute drive away. In addition, we can grill instead of fry food, bake bread with no additives and generally have more variety in cooking. This means I can enjoy fried onion rings and other local foods that may not be the best for me, on occasion, without the guilt.

The onion rings were to share – and we were expecting maybe 8 of them, not the entire onion plus some 🙂

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