68. Yet another walk

I was going to go for a jog.  The problem was, I had a companion who, for a variety of valid reasons, does not jog.  Knowing this, I got up extra early and got myself ready.  Unfortunately, I paused to check emails, and by the time I was done, my companion was up.  “I’ll just do what I can do,” was the statement. So my mind thought that I would do the walk with him and then continue doing some jogging.

It didn’t work so well for the jogging, but it did work well for the walking.  We did just shy of 2 miles in just shy of my target of 40 mins.  I did ask to see if he wanted to go for a third mile – but that was a no, and I decided that my almost 2 miles were good enough.  Probably should have gone back for another lap. 

The problem is, I am getting bored with writing about walking.  If I was at home, I would have been able to walk several places; along the river, at the dam (multiple tracks), different routes just outside my front door.  Here, in Louisiana’s non-walkable part, I am dependant to get to other locations via transport.  Of which, I currently have none.  Nor is it justifiable to buy a second car so I can go walking in other areas.  Yes, I hear you; there are hundreds of different options, such as YouTube. Also, I could join a walking club and carpool.  The main problem behind the last one is that I have absolutely no desire to commit to anything at the moment.

I spent the last several years of my life committing to multitudes of events, activities, teacher-related projects, education, children related activities, and family events.  I am tired of it.  I am living in a new country, and when my husband has the day off, we wish to explore. I don’t want to say “Sorry, I have a commitment.”  Anyway, he has days off coming up soon; perhaps we shall do some walking elsewhere then.

Fastest Split: 12:34 min/km

Slowest Split :13:02 mins/km (could have been when I stopped to talk to the fisherman 😊)

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