69. New goal smashed

Given my doldrums about yesterday’s walk, I decided to try for 3 miles around the complex in less than an hour.  To my mind, this sounded great, and I did achieve it. But when I did the conversions to my historical rates, I find it a little sad.  I used to be able to walk 6km/hr down dale and up most hills.  3 miles per hour is approximately 4.8km/hr – quite a slow time than what I was used to (probably only 8 years ago).  Where has all my fitness gone? 

In the last 8 years, I haven’t actually been entirely inactive.  I have done swimming, jogging even and there was at least one personal trainer in there.  I really wish I knew when and why I got in the habit of going slow. The only thing I could possibly contribute to my speed would be the students I taught.  I had a lot of one-on-one time with my students, and for a variety of reasons, these students walked slow.  I did plenty of walks with them – is it possible I formed a walk slow habit?

Guess I just have to work that much harder to get my speed up again.  I have also decided that I need to get into healthy eating again.  And for that, it means I need to cut out the soft drinks (sodas) that have gradually started to enter into my diet again and go back to getting menus off www.dietdoctor.com. This website is excellent.  We used the recipes plenty of times in the past, and now we are getting a handle on how to get cheaper meat in the USA; we should be able to go back to our Keto lifestyle.  Oh, and I worked out how to make my own lactose free milk, cream and cream cheese.  I am pretty chuffed with myself and looking forward to experimenting in the kitchen. 

Fastest Split: 11:39 mins/km

Slowest Split: 13:23 mins/km By the way – I am not paid for any of the YouTube clips or websites I link to.

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