70. Dance day again

Oh boy – what a workout.  I procrastinated from exercising for a few hours this morning.  Waking up hungry tends to have that effect. Thus for the first time in ages, I ate when I woke.  Then I had the burning desire to get the washing done, catch up on a few chores and actually clean the kitchen.  It’s not my favourite activity, and I would typically much prefer even jumping exercises to cleaning the kitchen.  Anyway, I thought I would have a browse and see what was on YouTube.

The first thing that came up was a dance program.  I have done dance routines by this instructor before,  Thus, I decided to ignore the fact that the music was One Directions.  I really don’t like their music much.  It’s not awful, but there is nothing much to it.  She (I don’t have a clue of her name) does a good video and it’s only 15 minutes long.  So when I finished that one (having worked up a sweat) I did one with the music that I actually liked much more.  This time I concentrated on putting effort into my arm movements.  I have noticed that I am standing straighter. 

After I had finished two programs, I was pretty exhausted, however, I am trying to get close to an hour of exercise a day done.  My writing was calling me and I figured I could go for a short walk.  It would be a nice cool down even though the weather is humid outside, the sun was behind clouds.  On my way to get the remote, another dance program started.

I thought – okay, this is the French lady with the gorgeous voice that I don’t understand a word she was saying (except for the counting).  There was another dude with her this time so I started dancing along.  The best you could say is that I forced myself to do the whole program.  Loved the music, but it was a bit fast for me.  I made such a hash of it I actually stopped the video and had stern words with myself.  I made it through by committing to attempt every second step and if I couldn’t work it out, just do a step I knew.

After all of it, my back feels good, I need a nap and a shower because that was intense, and I was drenched in sweat.  So very glad that no one was around to witness a beginner trying to do what was obviously an advanced program.  Still really enjoyed the music and the energy of the instructors. I managed an hour of dancing (okay, let’s call it vaguely rhythmic movements 😊).

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