71. Squats and more

Today started out relatively slow.  I had every intention of getting up and going to the gym, but I slept it.  (It was a great sleep in and I enjoyed it so much).  Then we did some hunting for a few missing items we still need for the house for us to live within our means.  It sounds odd, however, it seems that you need to buy meat in bulk when it is affordable over here.  To do this, we need a larger freezer. Also, this gives us much better control of our eating (as the bulk meat is relatively unprocessed).  I know I overeat, but I do like knowing what I am eating.  It is also much kinder to my digestion.

We had a long drive through some beautiful country. I tried to get photos of the Spanish moss, however, it was just on isolated trees.  We did see a massive fishing shop complete with a substantial lake.  I wonder if you can test the rods out.  Anyway, after our fairly fruitless shopping trip, it was very hot, and I started writing.  Not a good recipe for getting stuff done.

The photos are from the Bass Pro shop – we don’t have shops like that in Australia (not that I have found anyway). It might be true that Louisianans hunt anything 🙂

Finally, just before I started cooking dinner, I decided that I could at least do some squats.  This turned into a mini exercise program for everyone in the apartment.  I did around 100 squats in stages.  60 pushups from two different heights (one of which was the floor), 80 crunches, 40 bicycle crunches and 20 triceps dips.  I wanted to do more triceps dips, but they were hard. Nevertheless, I was pretty impressed with that effort.

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