72. Fun family walk

We walked 3km today (just shy of two miles), and our time wasn’t crash hot, but our laughter level was.  We dragged our – reluctant to exercise – housemate out.  Kept on redirecting her when she wanted to return and finally told her that she had to walk a mile before we returned.  She had already walked a mile by that stage, but we didn’t tell her that 😊.  I did manage a short jog which didn’t feel that comfortable today.

We also saw a heron in the process of eating a fish which I hope I captured on my phone and generally made a pest of myself to my companions.  As I said – fun.

I topped up the exercise with 60 push-ups and 30 triceps dips.  My arms are killing me. Tomorrow I will do more as it will just be me.  It is easier to run my own program at this stage because I am not influenced by others.  Others are entertaining but to concentrate on my own goals is also very nice.

I struggle with exercise on my husband’s days off because we like different things (some of the time).  I like walking for walking’s sake.  He likes walking with a destination in mind – a nice view, climbing a particular mountain etc.  Walking random laps of the complex does not work for him.  I used to think that he was negatively influencing me; however, now, I realise it is actually about energy levels and interest levels.  He expends much more energy than me each working day.  He works 12-hour shifts at a minimum.  Even as a teacher, I rarely worked 12 hours straight a day. Thus when he gets to his days off, he wants downtime.  I need to remember that there is nothing wrong with that.  Perhaps in the cooler weather, we can walk with a destination in mind, but at the moment – too darned hot and humid.

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