73. Weather induced apathy

It’s muggy and awful outside.  I wouldn’t even want to go out there to exercise today.  Gray skies, light rain – nothing about today is inspiring to exercise.  I can hear the birds singing so I guess they are enjoying the weather.

This weather-induced apathy somewhat ruined my plans for the day, as did my wardrobe options.  I was going to put on exercise pants so I would be inspired but I find myself dressed in the least likely exercise clothing clothes possible, a long flowing lady like dress.  I’d like to say “what was I thinking” but the reality was – I didn’t think, my brain rebelled. So, after my exercise, housework, editing and posting a blog routine, I am going to do some hand quilting listening to the growing pile of e-books I have borrowed.  It’s the only activity I will do whilst listening to e-books (I much prefer reading to hearing).

I usually write this blog after I exercise, but today that is not going to work. Today, I started the blog and then I have run up and down the stairs 5 times and done 10 squats.  I am about to repeat the process – be back in a few minutes with a small success I hope.

I am back.  I just did 10 push-ups, 10 squats, 5 stair runs (blood was definitely pumping!), 10 more push-ups, 20 squats, 20 crunches, 20 bicycle crunches, 10 super mans (these could actually be my favourite activity once I am on the ground – I really should do more of them) and a side plank on each side.  Strangely they seemed more manageable than a standard plank which is not my previous experience at all. 

This form of motivation may be actually working.  In Edu speak I would be chunking my “exercise hour” into manageable bites.  So far, I am at about 15 minutes of exercise. Usually when I do this type of thing I only do 30 minutes.  Mind you if I wasn’t in a dress by now, I would actually be inclined to brave the repulsive weather and head up to the gym.  But alas, I am going to keep doing chunks of exercise.  Not sure what I am doing next but maybe some running on the spot.

First up – I will put the washing on.  Be back after my next batch of exercise.

Okay that session was a killer.  I am still sweating!  I started out with 20 push-ups off a medium height counter (I vary the heights of all my push-ups – it has a positive effect on my ankles), 30 squats – which I did try to film but it didn’t work, 30 crunches.  I think that was all I did before I decided to do 5 minutes of running on the spot knee-high.  Who’s stupid idea was that.  After 45 seconds I was buggered, blood pounding in my brain so it just turned into HIITs (High intensity Interval training).  I didn’t plan it but my phone went into lap mode and I did 45 seconds of knee-high heart pumping running on the spot and 30 seconds of rests.  I managed 8 of them.  Pretty impressed with that.  And I may do some more exercise later on but I have hit about 30 minutes of dedicated exercise time.  I have plenty of other incidental stuff to do today involving breaking down boxes (Amazon must love us!) so I am pretty happy with what I accomplished especially given my initial state of mind. Chunking works – and not just for academic stuff 😊

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