74. Unexpectedly hard work out

I wasn’t feeling crash hot today – just tired, but I was utterly planning various short programs.  Before I started, however, yet another item we ordered from Amazon arrived.  Remember that we moved overseas and we bought 2 suitcases apiece; thus we had no furniture and no kitchen items when we arrived.  I love cooking, as do the other residences in the house, and we have a whole new range of foodstuffs and cultures to explore.  The end result of all this online shopping is a growing mountain of cardboard boxes.

Today I finally decided that we needed to get control of the growing pile of cardboard, so I started ripping them up to make disposal easier.  Wow! I never realised how much of an arm workout I did.  There was also bending, stretching and a range of other exercise benefits.  It took two hours, and I really did end up feeling like I had had a good workout.

The best part.  I have another pile of boxes that I am saving for next week 😊.

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