The Rubbish

Cultural change is challenging

It really is the pits

No matter if you are happy to go along with it.

My workplace, it is changing

Better for – I believe – the rearranging

But every time they speak to us

I feel like I am squashed by a bus.

They talk about inclusion,

Of the power after a communication transfusion

Of banning negative comments,

Of censoring our brain contents,

Yet I am a natural pessimist

And they said I was an impressionist

My canvas – all new staffers

They focused on us as gaffers

But in the end what it comes down to

Is respecting other’s views

Respecting people are different

To accept that there are some who are ignorant

And accepting that some like to rant

What the they fail to see

Is that what I choose to be, is up to me.

My behaviour is their’s to censor

And they can appoint a mentor

Yet they elect to punish

Instead of dealing directly with the rubbish.

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