77. Loving it

Sometime late yesterday, when it was too dark and too late to exercise, I got a second wind (perhaps it was the alcohol).  Today then I found that I didn’t even try to make excuses despite my late start.  I simply put some shorts on – it is too hot for my exercise leggings here now! Set a goal and started walking.  The goal was to find a lap of the complex that was exactly one mile. Unfortunately, I failed at finding the track, and my speed wasn’t the best.  What was fantastic was that after one lap (about 1.5 miles) my brain was telling me to stop, but my legs just kept on walking.

I think my legs were enjoying the sunshine after a couple of days of rain (one of which had tornado warnings in it – I grew up in an area without tornados. Give me a year or two to get used to them). The geese, ducks and turtles were also enjoying the sunshine along with a teenage swallow who was busy learning to fly and most unimpressed with me walking past.  I saw a new, to me, species of duck – a black-bellied whistling duck.  According to https://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/black-bellied-whistling-duck, it shouldn’t be here as they aren’t migratory. However, I shall keep my eye on it as the ducks here seem to come and go.  We always have a few Canadian Geese and a couple of Mallard ducks but the numbers vary.  Today there was about 20 geese and only a few Mallards.  Some days it’s the reverse.

My brain did end up getting the better of me when the sun really started to announce itself.  I am sure it went from pleasant to sauna from walking into one patch of shade to coming out into the sun again.  Oh boy, I am going to have to get up earlier to avoid the Louisiana heat and humidity combination.  I walked for an hour and did almost 3 miles.

Fastest Split: 11.56mins/km Slowest Split: 13.43mins/km

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