78 Big day of jobs

I started the day off, planning to get out of bed much earlier to walk when the shade was maximum and the sun not quite so vicious.  Unfortunately, the day before, I’d had an afternoon nap – I don’t plan afternoon naps, but I was reading and drifted off to sleep.  This resulted in me waking up at 3 am and not getting back to sleep until sometime after 5 am.  At 8 am when I finally woke up, I decided to check Facebook.  Bad move.  Fortunately for me, one of my friends had my back without even realising it.  She publishes a blog called “The Broken Runner”.  Her latest entry popped up in my feed, and I got out of bed thinking that I could still beat a bit of the sun.

Oh boy.  As I walked into the first patch of sun, I realised that I needed to followed the shade. I managed this, mostly.  I did manage to find a path through the complex that was 1 mile, but that is all I did.  I had a heap of jobs to do that required lifting, so I decided that I didn’t need heat stroke like I had gotten the day before.  After my mile, which I did in a reasonable time, I then lugged rubbish to the complex rubbish compactor and got a lesson from one of the very nice maintenance people on how to use it.  (They really do need to run orientations for people like me 😊). After the rubbish run (I could walk there in the shade!), I built yet another piece of furniture.  If Amazon’s profits increase this year, it is because I moved overseas. Now I have space for all my essential kitchen appliances and we have a reasonably furnished house.  At least when the last couple of items gets delivered this afternoon.  That leads me to my next job of deconstructing yet more boxes and packaging.  Guess I am getting another arm workout today.

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