Day 80

I had a rough plan to exercise today.  It’s been a couple of days since I did a decent focused workout, and I woke up, did my usual troll of facebook. As I was awake earlier than normal, I thought a walk would be nice.  So that’s exactly what I did.  Just over 2 miles in one big lap in and out, around the complex meeting different dogs this time (as I was earlier).  By the time I had finished the sun had started it’s burn. So I think I had best start walking at 7 am each morning, then I am back at the apartment whilst there is plenty of shade and the sun is a little gentler.

Fastest Split : 12:13 mins/km

Slowest Split : 13:08 mins/km

And the awesome thing about my walk was that the average split was…12:34 mins/km.

I am getting so much faster.  The next step to improve my time is to get some hand weights and ankle weights (but don’t hold your breath – it takes me ages to get this type of thing organised 😊) Oh, and I almost wanted to jog today.  Win Win!

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