Day 81. Heatwave

It was an early start this morning as I figured it’s been too hot to do much later in the day (i.e. by 8:30 am) thus, I found myself up and out by 7 am this morning, planning to go to the gym.  However, when I went to put the rubbish out (the first of many chores today), it was quite pleasant.  So I walked.  The electronic pass for the gym slipped into my pocket “just in case,” I discovered that the sun was too hot for a full 3-mile walk. 

I was going great, and I could feel that I was going much faster than usual because I started to get sore shins. However, as I promised myself I wouldn’t look at my phone until I was over walking I had no idea of my time.  It was relaxing, not worrying about speeds, and I was doing well with ignoring the phone until I came across a baby snake.  I don’t often say snakes are cute, but this one was.  According to my research, it was an Eastern Garter snake.  At the time, I decided to stay off the grass because after it posed for its photos, the snake completely disappeared into the grass.  The bugger was too small to have to go over the grass, it simply went through the grass. So I won’t be stepping on the grass anytime soon.

Of course, that was the end of my no phone rule because then I had to stop and ask a human resident if they knew what type of snake it was, which meant my fast walk time was going to be busted.  It was a good chat but it turns out she didn’t know much about the local snakes other than she assumed it was venomous and seemed somewhat scared.  I told her I was Australian, and she laughed and replied that was why I wasn’t worried about it.

My walk continued at a similar pace to my starting pace and I found myself pausing the walk and heading into the gym.  There I put myself through torture with a cycle of flappers (lifting your arms,  holding dumbells, from down to horizontal) and some other dumbbell exercises.  My arms and shoulders were feeling it.  My walk continued, and I even noticed that my speed was below 11 mins per kilometre some phone checks. 

In the end, I completed 5.23km (3.25 miles approximately) in an hour and 3 minutes.  I stopped the phone for my gym work so that was another 8 minutes of working out.  I was very impressed with myself.  When I got back to the apartment I see that the local parish (council for the Australians out there) have put a Heatwave warning out – Glad I went for my walk early!

Fastest split: 11:28 mins/km (Yeah! Broke the 5km/hour barrier!)

Slowest time: 13:21 mins/km (that included my chat and photography session). Super happy with the walk, the gym and the really cute snake 😊.

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