82. I did it again

If you know the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CduA0TULnow “Opps – I did it again” by Britany Spears, I am repeating the “I did it again” part quite happily – despite the weather.

I started my walk about 10 minutes earlier than yesterday’s walk for no reason other than I was more organised.  However, when I stepped out of the door I was hit with a wave of humidity that almost made me turn around and go back inside.  The thing is, we all need to get outside, the sun was shining and I couldn’t see the haze usually associated with a bloody hot day (It was there, I just couldn’t see it from my front door 😊).  So I walked.  I didn’t think I started out as fast as yesterday; it just felt slower, but I didn’t check my phone for times either so it was a bit harder to tell.

I got to the gym after about a mile and did flappers again, bicep curls and dumbbell rows.  Flappers have a real name – Iron cross – who knew, the personal trainer who taught me them always called them flappers.  I was using a 5 lb weight which is very light (except for the flappers, then it feels like a lead balloon!) but the next weights up were 10 lb and there was no way I could do flappers with them.  I also didn’t want to sanitise lots of different weights after use so I just did lots of repetitions until my arms started to feel “the burn”.  At least that way I could concentrate on getting the movement correct.  It was quite fun (except for the flappers but I do like punishing myself 😊).  I continued on my merry way.

I have to admit today to struggle after the gym session.  The sun got very hot, very quickly and it was only in the deep shade that it seemed to be any cooler.  However, I already had a glass of electrolytes ready to go back at the apartment (heat wave here and I was sweating buckets) so I pressed on and made my 3 miles in under an hour.  I am stoked at the time.  Four days ago, I was wondering if I would ever get any faster.  3 miles per hour is only 4.8 km per hour.  That is slow by my historic count so to get a little bit faster than that is a win.  I know that is a good time for many, and that’s fine, but I used to be a 6km/hour girl, and I’d love to get back up there.  When I returned home, I discovered that I had managed a very consistent walk today.  This is another win for me.  (Maybe not stopping to take photos is of a benefit 😊).

Fastest split: 12.02 mins/km Slowest split: 12.41 mins/km

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