83. A victory over the mind

I started the morning tired.  A shift worker in the house is something I am still getting used to, and he was quite late last night.  This didn’t stop me, however, and I was out of the door before the Sun decided to be nasty and burn everything.  I had no plans to stop at the gym; thus, I foolishly left the pass at home.  Buoyed by the success of my last two morning walks, I started at a great pace, and then the shin splints arrived with a vengeance. 

The last two mornings, I had walked about 1 mile with shin pain from my speed, but I stopped in at the gym, did some arm exercises and continued at the same pace with no problems.  The shorter walk worked as a warm-up.  Today, that did not happen, and I had to stop and do some shin stretches standing on curbing in the complex.  I really must remember to warm up my legs if I am going to ever get to the stage of jogging the entire way.  On the positive side, my stretches were successful.

The struggle was with the time and the distance today.  I have no idea why but I wasn’t feeling the walking love this morning.  After one lap I was so very tempted to call it quits. However, I was reminded of something a friend had posted on Facebook. “ Give it 5 minutes.”  This is a trick to get you started on a task where you dedicate just 5 minutes to the task.  What happens then is that you have begun so you tend to continue.  I know I was already 20 minutes into my walk at this stage, but I applied the 5-minute rule and thought I will walk for another 5 minutes.  This turned into – before I stop for the mail, I’ll do another lap around the lake.  And then after the lap around the lake, I’d done a further 5 minutes and was 30-minutes into the walk.

The halfway mark is magic for me.  If I can make it halfway, then I find it very easy to finish.  Despite being no more than about 400 meters from my apartment at the extremes of the complex, once I have reached the magic halfway mark of a goal, it is easier to finish the goal.  30 minutes later, I had not quite completed 5 kilometres, so my time was slow however, by the time I made it back to the apartment, I had done 5 km in 1 hour and 6 minutes.

Fastest split: 12:37 mins/km

Slowest split: 13:32 mins/km Not a bad walk in terms of consistency of speed and the fact that I had a victory over my mind.  It seems like a small thing but for me – I need these small wins so when I start running properly, I can push through the barriers my mind installs.

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