84. Changing it up

Today, despite having a desire to walk, I decided I would sleep in.  The temperature was due to be in the high 90s (mid-30s for those Australians amongst you), which is just too hot for me to walk after asleep in. Thus I settled for a gym session.  I don’t know why I am off YouTube at the moment, but I am. Therefore I headed up to the gym with a companion and did a 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill, enjoying the fact I could include an incline in my walk.  My part of Louisiana is very flat, and you have to have keen eyes to notice natural rises in the ground.

After the treadmill, I headed to a variety of weights machines and focused on my upper body.  In the interest of keeping this blog honest – I don’t actually like my flabby “old woman” arms.  Thus I have decided that I may focus on these for a while.  A long-ago personal trainer informed me that you had to vary the exercises you were doing so your body did not get used to a routine. This is backed up by a range of articles on the internet.  The best explanation for why was that varying the areas you were focusing on, allowed for these areas to rest and recover whilst still working out.  The time varied for how long you should focus on an area but I figure if I get up to blog 110 I am right to focus on another area. 

See, I love my routines and 3 days of early morning walking made me realise something (or re-realise it).  I would get very grumpy, very quickly at having to get up early on “weekends” (shift worker in the house – our weekends vary week to week).  After years of being an early worm – I love the fact that in Louisiana, very little is open early and I have to sleep in.  Not allowing sleep-ins involves too much pushing myself.

And that’s the crux of everything – pushing myself.  This week I have pushed myself twice whilst walking and once at the gym on the weights.  I need to do this more.  I still have no desire to make many commitments; thus, I don’t want to utilise a personal trainer (despite the logic in using the Personal Trainer as an enforcer).  I want to do this myself, and yes, I will get help if I need it, but I am thinking of the small wins.

  • I am now walking at 5km per hour (I started at around 4.5km/hr with a distance of 2 miles – 3.2km).
  • My thighs have slimmed down, as has my face (a little bit)
  • I have been consistent with exercise for the longest period since I finished university (the first time around – I’d be a professional student if it paid 😊)
  • I have willingly done flappers 4 times this week (this is a BIG win for me!)  (Still don’t like them 😊)

Now I need to focus on a few other little goals like being able to jog consistently.  For this to occur, I will step back from walking the complex for a while (in time for a potential hurricane) and head to the gym to use the cardio equipment there for a bit of cross-training, interspersed with upper body weights.  That’s the plan for the next couple of weeks – although if the weather becomes more pleasant, I reserve the right to check on how the male mallard ducks and their adult feathers are coming along.

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