86. Pausing

Did you ever need a day where you just needed to pause?  A day where your mind just needs to stop, to process something?  That day was me today.  I tried to find the will to exercise, but my mind was in another spot.  And it stayed there for the day.

I am not upset, however, as quite obviously, my mind had to work through stuff that only it knew what it was.  I spent the day crocheting.  I find craft, in general, very soothing.  There are links between mental health and the completion of repetitive activities such as sewing and crochet.  I can’t find the original document that I read about this. Still, this one has links to a variety of research on the subject. https://www.craftscouncil.org.uk/stories/4-reasons-craft-good-your-mental-health

For me, the link between the repetitiveness of crochet and mental health is much more “in my face”.  I have taught several students who knitted or crocheted in response to anxiety and other mental health disorders.  When I asked about it, they told me that their psychologist taught them the activity to calm their brain.  Their stories agree with mine.  Craft allows the brain to pause.

Today, I paused.  It was good.

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