87. Unusual exercise today

When we moved to the USA, we did not bring over many clothes.  Today was the day that purchasing some more clothes became a necessity.  Thus we all traipsed off to a factory outlet shopping centre.  The shops in this area of the USA are very different to those in Australia.  When we needed clothes, we would head to a mall and select our clothes from multiple other shops.  We’d been to a mall here, and I don’t know, maybe it was overload for me, but I just didn’t see many shops that a teenager (or my teenager) would be interested in.

We found ourselves in the heat and humidity, traipsing a colossal collection of factory outlets.  We hit ‘my teenager’ pay dirt in the second shop, which meant we had to then head into every shop to see what treasures could be found. I probably should explain that until my teenager realises that the experience will be enjoyable or beneficial for said child, we have to put up with a grumpy teenager. I really should have put my tracker on and recorded how long and how far we walked. Unfortunately, I didn’t, and on our return to the car – parked at one end of the complex – we were hit by some incredibly high winds.  You know those pictures where people struggle against the wind – that was us.

It was a relief to get back to the car, but I did enjoy the additional resistance training in my day 😊.

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