88. Lots of little things

Today started with a long sleep in.  It was so lovely as I have been getting up as early as I did in Australia (when I was working).  This meant, however, that it was mid-morning before we headed out on a walk.  Oh boy – you got to love that Louisiana humidity.  I hate humidity, and despite the slower and shorter walk than what I do by myself, we were drenched in sweat by the time we returned home. 

Yuk.  I mean, sweating it out in an intense exercise session feels excellent. But, sweating because you know you’ve earnt it but sweating profusely because you ambled around the complex slowly – that’s not the type of sweating I like. I’ve experienced lousy humidity.  Each year, in fact, in Queensland, but not like this. So I am thrilled we have air conditioning, and I can ignore the awful weather outside. 

We did plenty of other movements inside today – more than usual, so I feel justified with my mile and a bit walking.  It is incredible what kind of workout you can get just by doing household tasks.  I make sure I add a bit of a stretch into cleaning the bathtubs and a few lifts of the vacuum cleaner 😊.

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