89. Could have worked harder

I was pretty unhappy with my lacklustre effort for the last couple of days.  I know I exercised, but I had committed to really putting some serious effort into it.  Thus I dragged my husband up to the gym so that I could do something up there.

I settled on arms, so after a tedious 10 minutes on an elliptical, I headed to the machines and started pumping iron.  It sounds much more glamorous than it was.  In general, for each exercise, I did three rounds, reducing the number of repetitions by 2 each time.  I tried to increase the weights for each last set, but I was drained by the time I got to the dumbbells.  Those flappers were hard today!

I was impressed I made it to the gym but not impressed with my effort.  At least I got there.  One of the problems with not having a personal trainer is that repeating the same exercises can cause issues.  Things like only exercising one group of muscles or overusing a movement.  I’m trying to overcome this by using a few different upper arm exercises, but I don’t know enough.  Google and YouTube are about to become my best friends.

One Comment on “89. Could have worked harder

  1. sometimes I say the same thing, but that because too many go to the gym these days, and i don’t get a chance to do what i want to do. solution get my own gym.


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