90. Rocked it!

I had absolutely no desire to get up this morning.  I probably enjoyed too many mornings of sleep-ins, but I talked to myself sternly and dragged my lazy backside up.  In hindsight, it was my brain that was being lazy.  The desire to just not bother with this blog anymore was powerful.  I resisted.  After all, the reason for this blog is to be my accountability partner and make me exercise.

Quite reluctantly, I dressed in exercise clothes and ambled about the place until I ambled out the front door.  I wasn’t sure what I would do but thought I might head up to the gym.  I took a long way – which meant that I avoided a warm-up when I got there.  Today I reversed the order of exercises, added an extra set and increased the weights on everything except the flappers.  It is pretty challenging to write this as my arms just want to flop by my side and “pause” for the day.  I am also much hungrier than usual for this time of the day to the point where I am struggling to concentrate.  I guess eating breakfast is the next thing on my agenda.

This morning’s total exercise time was much closer to the hour, and I did get the blood pumping through my brain when I really pushed the weights.  My current quandary is simple.  You are meant to do weights to help with body shaping, improving your metabolism, strengthening bones (essential for avoiding osteoporosis).  I find weights also helps endurance of aerobic exercise.  You are meant to do aerobic exercise to improve your heart rate, blood pressure, etc. There are also HIIT that are good metabolic health, oxygen saturation and overall wellbeing.  If I want to include all these aspects into my training, when can I start building up to a 3-mile continuous jog?   

I am exercising for a long term purpose.  And like everything I do, I have a series of goals I need to achieve to get where I am going.  Now I have my endurance and speed up to a reasonable level (5 km walks per hour), I want to start jogging.  I don’t know why jogging seems so essential to me.  It just does. Perhaps because it is something that I have struggled to do consistently.

On the positive, I rocked the weights today despite not feeling the love of exercise 😊.  I will take that as a win against my exercise reluctant brain.

One Comment on “90. Rocked it!

  1. You have an equipment in your home, my home can’t have any equipment my place is too small, but hope to get a place where i can get at least one thing. But I am pleased for you though.


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