91-92 Sick days

I hate it when I feel sick.  But I did, and despite trying to convince myself to exercise, nothing worked.  I walked up and down the stairs trying to convince all of me I should run them, but that was a fail.  The second day of being sick, I slept for an extra 2 hours and, by the afternoon, though I could go for a run on the treadmill in the gym.  I got myself ready; however, it rained.  The sky here in Louisiana doesn’t always feel the need to say it’s going to rain.  Sometimes the sky just drops buckets of water down.

I decided not to let that stop me and started up a Body Project clip.  It looked good, even if my warm-up was half-hearted.  I stopped when I saw I needed dumbells. I started another one, did the warm-up and 2 lots of the 45-second exercises. That was it.  I couldn’t do anymore.

So I didn’t.  I did get my husband to bring steak home for dinner just in case I was anemic.  I don’t know if I was weak or not, but the steak was beautiful.

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