93 Jogging on the treadmill

Got up this morning feeling much more energetic and headed up to the gym with my man.  I decided to check out the 5km run on the treadmill to see how far I could go.  I really need a lesson on these things.

I went to toggle the display to show heart rate after about 5 minutes, and I booted myself off the run to a manual program. I managed to do this multiple times before deciding the picture on the screen only related to incline.  Thus I messed around with my speed and managed a minute running at 5 miles per hour (just over 7.5 km/hr).  However, I got light-headed and stumbled. So I slowed down to 3.2 miles per hour. My heart rate also slowed down – I was impressed with how quickly my heart rate slowed down – however, I stumbled again from lightheadedness so I went into a cool down and pulled the pin on the run.  Obviously, I am still a little affected by whatever put me out of action for the last couple of days.

Still, I increased my maximum speed for a run, and it felt good.  Now I just have to improve the duration, and perhaps by the time the weather cools down, I will be able to jog outside.  I did manage over 30 minutes of walking at a decent pace. Still, due to the program booting me out regularrly, I’m not sure about any other statistics other than most of the exercise program was at 3.2miles per hour. My maximum speed was 5 miles/hour.

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