95. A beautiful sunny morning

The plan today was to head up to the gym and do my aborted weights session of yesterday.  However, when I looked outside, the sun was shining, and the temperature was in the low 20’s (that’s celsius – so quite pleasant).  I ignored the humidity level, which was in the 90s.  There was no way I could pass up a walk in the sunshine – I have discovered that sunshine cannot be guaranteed to last long in Louisiana.  I set my phone to track the walk and also tested my new earphones with a talking book.  I also wanted to see how the earphones went with sunglasses on as well. I have to admit to being a little annoyed by listening to a book.  Nothing wrong with the book, but I wanted quiet time. 

Thus I canned my desire to daydream, set everything up (which was very easy) and headed out not quite believing how pleasant the temperature was in the sun and shade. 

The earphones (Apekx that I got from Amazon) were really comfortable.  At the level of – I really didn’t realise I was wearing them.  This is pretty good for me as the last “over the ear” headphones I used were uncomfortable. When you used glasses of any description, the annoyance level was compounded.  I won’t be using the earphones every exercise session; however, it is good to know I can run with music or a book and not be bothered by my ever-present glasses.  On the negative, my phone didn’t track my walk.  I realised about 15 minutes in, so I have no idea how far I walked or any other statistics.  This was not the talking book’s fault but the operator 😊.  I know I walked about 40 minutes which is usually a couple of miles.  I stopped because it was getting uncomfortably warm by the end of the time.  It was really great to get an outside walk in today, and now as I am writing this, less than an hour after my walk, there is thunder and grey skies again.

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