96.Lots of crunches

Today was an odd day, exercise-wise.  I did plenty of exercises; however, I completed this in an unusual manner.  Firstly, the powers at be were testing the fire systems, so I got a huge fright when one of the alarms sounded.  No one is ever going to sleep through that bugger.  It hurt my ears – and it wasn’t stopping. Thus I worked out how to take out the battery.  This then meant I headed over to the office to report the noise.  In the end, I took a few trips up to the office, climbed up and down the chair to reach the smoke alarm, multiple times and then, because I thought I needed to do something formal, I started with crunches.

Rather than do my crunches and bicycle crunches all at the one time, I did them in 60 crunch lots interspersed with some craft.  It worked.  I needed to rest my hands anyway as I have been getting some carpal tunnel pain from the crochet.  Mind you, I think I might be sore in the abdomen tomorrow.

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