97. The Lousiana State Capital

Yeah – tourist days.  These just happen to be my favourite days ever.  Unfortunately, the weather in summer is rather rainy. So trying to find a suitable day that is also a day off is difficult.  Today was that day.  We slept late and headed up to Baton Rouge when we felt like it.  Mastered the art of driving up lots of one-way streets in the CBD and then started walking.

I remembered to set up the fitness tracker, which annoyed my companions because one of them couldn’t understand why I wanted to track an amble.  For the record, I did not just amble today.  There was the crossing of the railway tracks with an oncoming train sprint, the powerwalk back to the car because we were all getting hungry, and the hill climb.  I am very excited about the hill 😊.  It was, admittedly, not much of a hill, but it was taller than me and had a definite slope.  Louisiana is very flat (where I live). 

We walked along the Mississippi River for a while – the water level was much lower than last time and much calmer.  Not sure I’d ever want to swim in the old dame of a river – brown and murky.  Then we headed a couple of blocks away and found (at the top of the hill – still very excited about the hill), the Old State Capital Museum.   What a beautiful building!  I come from Australia – we don’t go in for such showy government buildings, but I did enjoy this one.  I loved the architectural detail – I mean, the hinges weren’t even plain!

Anyway, after oohing and ahing and checking out the pros and cons of State Governer Huey Long, we walked around the town a bit.  If I was in my home town, the place would have been popping, and then it occurred to me that my home town is actually quite population-dense.  Here, everything is much more spread out.  It was a great morning, and we travelled almost 7km (approximately 4.4 miles)

Next tourist day coming up – hopefully, a craft fair.  That should be good for several miles as I have to go back and check out everything I like 😊.

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