98. Incidental exercise

Today contained plenty of incidental wandering around doing various chores.   We parked further away from our destination to incorporate more exercise. I did some stretching whilst I waited in line.  For you Australians out there, imagine the lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles in all the movies we see – it’s true!  (Except for the staff, they were super lovely to everyone and very patient with me 😊).  Thanks to Covid, most of my waiting was outside in a Louisiana summer. If I jumped on the scales afterwards, I am confident I would have lost a kilo of water. 

Anyway, the day ended with no formal exercise; thus, I got down on the ground and did some crunches.  I am not sure how many I did, but there were a few sets in there.  I also did some wall push-ups. I am quite impressed I did these at all, given how frustrating my day had been.  I am still waiting for my permission to work.  I can’t get a driver’s license until that is granted, despite seeing an obscure reference in a government document I found online to state that I could.  I should have saved the web link because then, at least the very lovely people at the DMV would have known where to look.

I guess plenty of other people who move overseas experience the same sense of frustration.  Still, I did do some exercises, and my clothes fit better. I will take those wins for the day. 

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