The New Fit Me! – Running 5 Kms

Day 3

There was nothing exciting in the exercise stakes today.  I woke with a sore back which means I either slept funny or exhausted it yesterday. My vote is for exhausting it yesterday as I did feel very tired after our jaunt to the zoo.  All a sore back means is that I need to do some strengthening exercises for it.  Which means I need to row and do core exercises.

This is exactly what I did.  I started with a one-mile row and an unimpressive time (around 15 minutes).  Then I did my posture stretches.  The main way to improve posture (from the Youtube video I cannot find a second time) is to stand in a doorway and step forward with your elbows bent at 90 degrees against the door frame.  Oh Boy!  Today was my second attempt at the stretch.  It was a little easier, but what a killer.  I must really bend over when I am at my computer.  After three rounds of twenty seconds each stretch, you lower your arms against the door frame and repeat.  After this set, you do it again with lower arms.

The purpose of this is to open up your chest area from being hunched over to reverse the contracting muscles.  The final stage is to start strengthening your shoulder muscles.  This is done by standing against a wall. Your feet should be about six inches away.  Rest your arm against the wall, making sure your knuckles are always in contact with the wall (the rest of your arm doesn’t really matter).  Then you make angel wings by fanning out your arms.   Think snow angels if you were lucky enough to live in a snowy area when you were younger.  You do this continuously for two minutes.  Oh Boy!  My shoulders are feeling the use.

Anyway, the plan was to jump back on the rower after this short break, but the rower was occupied.  Thus I did some bicycle crunches, leg lifts (still improving on these – Yeah Me!) and a couple of other exercises. This all gave me a total time of over half an hour of exercise.  Not what I planned, but my body is saying that I did well.  I do love that “you’ve worked physically hard Good job feeling”.

Looking forward to a run tomorrow – hope the beautiful Brisbane winter like mornings hold on for a little while longer.

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