The New Fit Me! – Running 5kms

Day 7

Yesterday was a rest day.  I have decided that on my exercise rest day, I will take a break from blogging as well.  It was surprisingly draining having to blog each day when I started the original New Fit Me!

Today I did not want to run.  I was tired from my resident shift worker having an unusually early start. However, the weather was forecast to be beautiful, much cooler than normal and sunny skies, which is a good thing for me.  Thus, I dragged my weary bones out of bed and dressed for a run, telling myself that I would never make five kilometres if I didn’t actually stick to my plan.  It is also surprisingly good motivation to write about my progress towards my goals because there is nothing worse than not being able to write you were successful at something—even if it was getting out of the apartment and doing a slight jog.  I also thought about my goal of running three times a week.  Today, the last day of my running week, was the day I had to run to get my three runs in. 

All of these things worked, and I headed out listening to a short Youtube program on Eleven mistakes beginner runners make. Using a short video about running for my warm-up keeps me on track.  I can’t launch straight into running because I historically get shin splints without a proper warm up.  The content gives me ideas and motivation, as well as a time for a warm-up walk.  After the warm-up, I have been putting on random music for the remainder of my trek.

Today, despite my mind being in the wrong spot, I managed the longest distance I have done.  I know I don’t measure this, but I do know some distances in part of the complex where I live.  I managed a continuous jog of over 500 metres today.  I could have done more in my other jogs, but I don’t know the distances in those sections of the complex.  This is really big for me.  I don’t think I have ever managed a jog that far.  For those that don’t know metric systems of measurement, that is over a quarter of a mile.  I also know that it took me five minutes.  I only know this because one of my housemates texted me, and I wasn’t sure if I needed to return home, so I had to pause my music to check the message.  I then started running at the start of a song that was six minutes long.  The time when I had stopped was over five minutes.  Yeah Me!

I completed six jogs again, two extra-long jogs, three long jogs and one medium jog.  The time between some of the jogs was also reduced.  I really found the advice of YouTube Runners on breathing very useful.  Today, when I thought I could go no further, I concentrated on breathing in for two strides and breathing out for two strides.  I am so impressed with how much further I could actually run.

The other thing that made me run greater distances was that the music I listened to was slower; thus, my jogging was slower.  This meant I got further.  As you can tell, now I have had my breakfast, I have the energy to be quite excited by all these wins today.

All of this makes me want to run tomorrow as well.  However, Mr Eleven mistakes beginners make, advises having a rest day between runs. Another YouTube Runner recommends the cross-training that I am attempting—although I think just calling it “have some variety in your exercise program” is just as valid. 

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