The New Fit Me! – Running 5 kms

Day 9

Today was a rowing day.  I tossed up a variety of exercises but settled on rowing because it has the capacity to build strength as well as getting in some cardio.  I decided to change up the music and instead, catch up on a YouTube channel that I follow, followed by getting a history lesson in.  You see, the problem with being at home all day is that I am used to working.  Not working gets boring, not for a lack of things to do, but for a lack of brain stimulation.  I am a subscriber to the “If you don’t use it, you lose it” vein of thought.

During my row—about 45 minutes long—I completed a decent warm-up where I adjust my rowing.  I change the grip, row with only my upper body, row one handed with a slight twist to work my obliques and row with my feet out of the stirrups.  This gives me a bit more of an upper-body stretch and feels good.  After the warm-up, I completed several one-minute sprints.  I stopped counting after six.  This was the HIIT portion of my exercise today.

I find rowing can get a little boring.  Thus, when I feel the need to stop, I complete several minute-long sprints.  This changes up the exercise, and before I know it, I have completed close to 40 minutes of rowing. 

Anyway, todays’ history lesson was about the underground world of New York City.  The era of prohibition was interesting.  I loved the fact that the only remaining speakeasy had a massively thick brick and metal door to hide the entrance to their alcohol storage.  They also tipped the bar shelves up in the event of a raid and the bottles slid down into the sewerage system.  Must have been some happy sewer gators!

I am also completely fascinated by how much history is forgotten by the majority.  I mean logically, no one can remember everything, but tunnels underneath you, creeping villains, hidey holes, and forgotten trains.  That is seriously cool stuff.  When we make it to New York again, we will have to find someone to give us an underground tour.

Oh, it’s coming up to Halloween here so my drop bear is getting his exercise in.  He has a job, scaring all the little visitors to the door 😊.

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