The new Fit Me! – Running 5 Kms

Day 12

Yesterday was an unintended rest day.  I don’t actually mind; I plan for a rest day a week.  The weather was unappealing.  Pretty poor excuse, I mean I could have gotten on the rower, but I didn’t.

Today, the weather was nicer, in the fact that it was not raining.  When I woke, the fog was so bad you could not see the five meters to the fence.  But I dressed for exercise.  We were, my housemate and I, planning for a long walk around the lakes at the local university.  I looked at the map the other day and saw all the fraternity and sorority houses.  This is such a stereotypical university America as seen on popular TV; we wanted to check it out.

One look at the fog and we settled on a walk around the complex.  Neither of us was interested in a thirty-minute drive to walk around a lake that was probably more shrouded in fog than we were.  We will save that walk for another day.

Today wasn’t an intense walk; it never is with a walking companion.  We do have some errands to run and chores to do so I guess I will add some squats into my folding of washing and push-ups into my washing dishes 😊.

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