The New Fit Me! – Running 5 kms

Day 13

I only did a 30-minute program today.  Twenty minutes of solid, steady rowing and ten minutes of stretching, squats and the like.  I may have done longer; I was listening to Mike Rowe on YouTube for part of my program. Thus, I wasn’t paying attention to the timing.  This was not the hard work-out I was planning, but I feel like I have done a decent job.  All my stretched muscles feel tired good.

The day started early.  I mean 3am early.  I just couldn’t sleep; a story was running through my mind; it had been running through yesterday as well.  However, the god of distraction, “Mobile Phone Games” visited, which meant that I did not get the story out of my head yesterday.  Guess what I did at 3am!

The story got out, and I was in the process of getting ready to head up to the gym to use the treadmill when the power went out.  Treadmills don’t work without electricity, and given the whole complex went out, there wasn’t much point in going to the gym.  It was also super foggy outside again, so walking in warm temperatures surrounded by water in its gaseous form was quite unappealing.

I rowed in the dark pleased that my phone was fully charged and frustrated that I just put my laptop on to charge (it was almost flat from my three-plus hours of writing).  I may do some more of something around lunchtime because lately, I have been getting very tired at this time of day.  Dr Google informs me, it is either my blood sugar (unlikely as I eat quite a late breakfast) or I need to do some vigorous exercise.  The painters painting the unit may think I am crazy at midday 😊.

Anyway, the advantage of such an early start is that I feel that I have accomplished things already.  The advantage of having no power is that the house was very quiet, and I think I have done my chores.  Normally, I do these immediately after exercising and before writing.  Because I have written, the kitchen magically cleaned itself 😊.  If only the world worked that way.

Here’s to a longer work-out tomorrow!

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