The New Fit Me! – Running 5 Kms

Day 14

My 900 meters was not a fluke.  Today I jogged 1300 meters.  For those who do not use metric units, this is 1.3 km.  I am very happy with this result, even if I cut my run short.  The day started out humid but sunny.  Then the fog rolled in.  Running or even walking in a lukewarm fog is not particularly pleasant.  I do not enjoy the feeling of sweat dripping into my eyes. 

The end result is that I returned to the apartment, did my posture stretches, push-ups, bicycle crunches, and a few other stretches whose names I have forgotten. I got the same pleasantly stretched and worked out feeling that I had yesterday, so that’s a win for me.

Now I have to put a caveat on the jog.  Today I really concentrated on keeping my speed slow to maximise my distance.  My time was pretty pathetic.  However, now I know that 5 km is not an insurmountable distance. The mental battle now is about how I stop trying to just run.

I know that may be an odd statement.  My entire jogging career—which was not so crash hot—was about making it to that tree, or that corner, basically some distance that I could see.  My brain would get close to it and just say, “She’ll be right mate; that’s good enough.” (I am Australian; my brain is allowed to say things like that!).  To set my brain a goal and say, “Let’s see if you can go further,” is a different thing for me.  And it obviously worked. 

I am not sure why my brain has decided to stop getting in the road, but I like it.  Realistically, I am an older woman (although I have been 25 for many years now!). I am worried that I will injure myself.  This is challenging, and I am trying to slow myself down in what I achieve towards this goal each day. If the weather is sunny, I want to run each day.  What a weird place to find myself in, and I find I have to pull myself back and say, “No, you need to make it to Day 100, not do yourself an excessive use injury before then.” This is a very unusual spot for me. 

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