The New Fit Me! – Running 5 kms

Day 15

Today I rocked it.  40 minutes on the rower, with 10 lots of minute-long HIITs.  They sure got my heart pumping and my legs working. I completed a 10-minute warm-up and then got into it. Whilst completing this, I was watching a YouTube show about ancient ballista. Our ancient history is quite fascinating.

For instance, the Chinese invented the first flame thrower.  It wasn’t portable, but how cool is that (or hot if you were in the firing line).  They also invented the lightweight catapult, not operated by twisting forces but by manpower.  This is pretty interesting because, being lightweight, it would have been manoeuvrable around the battlefield.  The Chinese seemed to be big on lightweight weaponry.  I already knew about the multiple arrow launcher, or Hwacha, courtesy of Mythbusters. I did not know that the Koreans used the Hwacha weapon to successfully repel almost 100 times the number of Japanese invading. This is known as the Battle of Haengju.

European nations focused on heavy ballista such as the crossbow, catapult and, my all-time favourite, weapon, the trebuchet.  The trebuchet is different from the other weapons of the time because it uses potential energy rather than torsion to release its cargo.  I find it rather horrific that the trebuchet was capable of throwing dead horses at the enemy— definitely wouldn’t want to be hit by a decaying horse!  According to The History Chanel, the trebuchet’s potential force is comparable to the weapons of today. Given the diversity of weaponry today, I find the statement interesting but too general.

Anyway, I finished my row feeling good in my upper body, but my lower back just felt like it had been slouching.  I will have to focus on strengthing that area as well.  Apparently, the posture stretches I have been doing for my upper body are working. I was feeling hungry, and there were some leftovers from last night in the fridge.  Unfortunately for me, my housemate decided they also looked good for breakfast, and I looked across, at the end of the row, to discover the leftovers being devoured.  I was looking forward to them!

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