100 Days to 5K (Take 2)

Day 2 – Holy S***

I decided that I would be good and get up early. This is probably because I didn’t get a bout of dietary-induced insomnia last night and woke up feeling alert and able to have a conversation. Bonus!

It did mean that I found myself doing a kickboxing YouTube program and then deciding to do another program (because the first one was only about 25 minutes long.)  My arms are “tuckshop lady arms”. Sorry to all you hard working tuckshop ladies out there, but my arms are saggy. A few weeks of not rowing has only worked on diminishing the very nice muscles I was developing. So today was a rude surprise for my chicken wings!

I love https://teambodyproject.com/ workouts. I haven’t signed up for their program (I didn’t even know they had one) instead, I just go to YouTube and search them up. These are the programs I did today.


The first was a kickboxing workout. I love the words “kickboxing”. Somehow, I visualise myself as a butt-kicking superhero every time I hear the words. Picture a middle-aged, slightly overweight t-rex trying to kick ninjas, and you will get some idea of how bad I actually am—but I’ve got to start somewhere. Right?

Thus I found myself saying stupid things like, “See those presenters, they have weights, I don’t have weights—what if I use canned food?”  400g of tinned tomatoes don’t hurt after 30 seconds of using them to punch the air. After 5 minutes, okay, perhaps I don’t need to purchase weights just yet!

Anyway, I survived.

I like Team Body Project because the company’s logo is “progress not perfection”. This sums up my attitude nicely and they model this with their presenters. Each video (I have used to date) has three presenters modelling three different levels of energy and fitness levels, and they are not young.

Nothing against the young, but I remember when I could look like going for a jog, and my fitness seemed to improve. Middle age is not like that. I work hard for all my gains fitness-wise.

But I am pleased because I sweated, puffed and made it through two workouts for a total time of roughly 50 minutes. Success on day 2. 

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, maybe a gym day, perhaps a row but I find that I am looking forward to it, whatever it is. 😊

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