100 Days to Run Five K (Take 2!)

Day 1

It’s been a while.  And that is what typically happens with me.  I start up all fired up, and then something happens.  In this case, I damaged my elbow.  This shouldn’t affect my running too much, but the problem was not the running.  The problem was that the running caused shin splints.

My usual modus operandi is to do some rowing each week.  Rowing works to strengthen the lower leg muscles responsible for my shin splints.  Thus, when I stopped rowing because of my elbow, my shin splints returned.  They hurt!

After my elbow recovered enough to do some light rows, there was preparation for Christmas and the promise of the new year.  I really hate that promise.  “I’ll start Jan 1.”  So I started today (not Jan 1).  My brain basically said, don’t wait, start now.  Now turned out to be 24 hours later—tourist day yesterday (which involved plenty of walking anyway).

So today, I got up earlier than I wanted to but later than planned.  I got distracted by job hunting.  Walked 3kilometers and rowed for five minutes.  This brings my total exercise to 45 minutes today.  Not something to write home about, but it is a start.

The plan is to start alternating my days of exercise and leaving walking for my rest days.  I have access to a small gym—which I stopped going to because of COVID.  I also have the rowing machine at home and access to YouTube workouts. However, out of necessity for family life, I cannot commit to dedicated activities on dedicated days.

Thus, I will do

  • 1 walk per week (rest day)
  • 2 rows (works most muscle groups including core)
  • 2 runs (walk with run components with an aim to running 5kms)
  • 1 YouTube work out
  • 1 gym day

I guess that makes today my rest day for the week 😊.

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