100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 3

I am not sure whether to be happy or not today. I planned a row but ended up walking with a companion. On the upside, the walk was definitely more challenging than usual. I have slowed down. One of my knees protested after yesterday’s kickboxing, so walking was probably a wise choice anyway. To increase my workout intensity, I added some stair climbs by walking up and down my stairs several times.

And to really make my day, I didn’t press start on my fitness tracker, so I have no idea how long I exercised. I will be happy with today’s effort exercise-wise.

I can’t get over how few red autumn leaves I have seen. We Aussies from tropical climates expect fall to be beautiful in the USA. Instead, I find the lack of red makes the trees drab. They have gone from beautiful and green to having the odd branch of red leaves, several branches of yellow and dead leaves and then some green branches too! What is happening? A local tells me that this is as good as it gets. The lack of colour is redeemed by the leaves make the most satisfying crackling noise underfoot on the bright side. The noise is not dependant on the colour.

And the relevance of that last paragraph is because I notice these things on my walk. Until tomorrow and another more intense workout again.

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