100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 4

Reality hit yesterday and today. Yesterday I discovered that I could not do a quad stretch. I mean, I’ve been doing quad stretches for years; I like the darned things, but when they were part of a stretching program, I could not do them on either leg. I feel defeated. This year, I have focused on my fitness, exercising consistently, except for the last couple of months with my elbow injury. Before that, I was running and rowing most days of the week. I guess rowing doesn’t work for the flexibility needed to stretch my quads. Lesson learnt. Will incorporate yoga into my program.

The other factor that got me was clothes shopping. It’s not an enjoyable experience because finding clothes that fit my odd proportions is challenging. Add to that periodic bloating, then pants are a particular challenge. Thus, when I find something that fits nicely in one area, it is either too tight or too baggy in another. Which was my most recent shopping experience. I am not a fan of diets, but it may be time to illuminate all that Christmas cheer. Back to no snacking.

After my shopping experience, I decided yesterday’s walk was not sufficient, so I put my alarm on for 5pm and did

It was a different program from the ones I did yesterday. Same HIIT format, but lower impact, which my knees were thankful for.

Today, I hit a quick 10-minute cardio workout. And boy was it full of cardio.

Yoga for seniors. This was all standing except for the warm down. And I am not a senior yet, but I figured it was a 20-minute workout, and it would be gentle for me. After 13 minutes, I hit pause and almost gave up, but I was over the halfway mark, so I continued. And completed it. Yeah Me!

I finished the day’s activities with over 5 minutes of calf curls, steps, wall push ups, and wall squats. Bringing my work out to a total of 35 active minutes.

I will do what I did yesterday and set my alarm for 5 pm and complete another program then. I felt quite good after that program yesterday and it delayed my desire to eat until later.

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